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Dedan Kimathi University (DKUT) Library: – About DKUT Library, Mission, Vision, Objective, Opening Hours & Special Collections.

Welcome to the Dedan Kimathi University Library webpage, it is our hope that you will make the fullest use of the Library and its information services, sources and resources.

Dedan Kimathi University Library plays a central role in the University College. Its primary responsibility is to assist its users in the process of transforming information to Knowledge. The Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Library is located on the second floor of Dedan Kimathi university Resource Centre one.

The library plays the following functions and roles in the University College.

  • It acts as a centre of information collection, storage, retrieval & dissemination for students, lecturers, & administrative staff.
  • It actively participates in the provision and dissemination of information for academic excellence and quality education while aspiring to remain relevant and vital in the university.
  • It also acts as a centre of education and research services to the clientele. It creates and nurtures a reading culture through the expansive information resources that are housed in the library.


To provide competitive, adequate and relevant information services in support of learning, teaching and research.


To be an information centre that provides access to quality information that enhances research, training and technological advancement.


  • Selecting and acquiring up-to-date information resources in all formats that are relevant to the information needs of the university.
  • Organizing the library collection using the internationally accepted standards to allow for easy retrieval.
  • Establishing, promoting and maintaining a wide range of services that will support the academic programmes of the University and encourage optimum exploitation of the resources of the library.
  • Building the skills of its users continuously by conducting proper user education and instruction through a variety of methods in order to provide guidance to the library’s collection.
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining well qualified, experienced and dedicated professional library staff in the area of library and information sciences who will offer high-quality services to the users of the library.
  • Adopting technologies that will make information resources accessible to the University community in an efficient and effective manner.


Dedan Kimathi University has two campus Libraries,

  1. The main campus library (Main University Library)
  2. The Nairobi CBD library.

The University Library boasts of having access to over 200,000 e-books from various databases and a collection of approximately 30,000 volumes of physical books. Furthermore, the University Library also has access to approximately 20,000 e-journals in various subject areas.


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