EA Accounting Controller Job at Beiersdorf

EA Accounting Controller Job at Beiersdorf… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Beiersdorf.


At Beiersdorf, we could tell you quite a bit about our work environment, but it would probably be best for you to experience it yourself and see how it feels to make a personal contribution toward the success of such well-known brands as NIVEA, Eucerin, Labello, 8×4 and Hansaplast


Accounts Payables Management

  • Be the Lead contact for Genpact team in all matters
  • Guidance on vendor set-up to ensure it is done properly at the outset by Global Master data team with special emphasis on bank details, Tax codes (VAT, WHT) vendor classification (Recon GL), payment terms.
  • Guide scanning assistant in the customs and freight invoice classification (DHL, Bollore etc.) with regards to the DC and PC
  • Ensure that the GE GL accounts are shared/updated for use in PO preparation (SRM and others) and that Genpact posts correctly
  • Critical vendor reconciliations to be done by Genpact or locally to ensure no variances
  • Drive invoice processing automation such that only invoices from Customs Clearing company are scanned in the office. The rest to be done by vendors themselves
  • Maintain and Monitor Cash Flow Plan such that there is enough EUR/USD and KES to cover payment runs.
  • Remittance advices to be send to vendors ASAP once payment run is conducted
  • Keep the vendor KPI scorecard on Workflows & Vendors green by ensuring no overdue items beyond the given threshold

Domestic customer Account Receivable Management

  • Lead and execute the quarterly credit setting in SAP for customers
  • Send weekly customer statements to sales team and customers
  • Resolve reconciling items that the customers raise
  • Work with supply chain to ensure that CNs are issued promptly
  • Attend the weekly AR call to discuss status of focus/overdue accounts
  • Ensure that Genpact update customer records promptly and correctly
  • Compute the quarterly provision for bad debts

Export Customers Credit Controlling

  • Monitor and follow-up on export customers receivables. This ensures that forex expected from these customers is factored into the vendor payment cycle runs
  • Ensure export customer ledger is updated promptly
  • Run a report of credit block releases monthly. This will form a basis for review of customer credit limits and payment terms

Staff Accounts Administration

  • Post all the T&E promptly and to the correct GLs and Cost Centres
  • Send the staff statements to each employee within 1 week after the end of the month
  • Send to payroll for deduction any advances that are overdue by more than 1 month
  • Process the staff T&E payments twice a month

Period Close Accruals & Provisions and related activities

  • Prepare the JV for regular accruals and provisions each month end and this to go into the correct GLS/CC
  • Ensure that the JVs done are compatible with the ROBO so that we are at over 90% JET posting.
  • Ensure closing activities are done in line with the closing calendar

Bank Agent

  • Do cheques banking daily/train scanning assistant to do this
  • Handle bank communication as relates to letters/documents from bank
  • Follow-up on year end audit bank confirmations
  • Ensure we have no overdue bank items (unposted items more than 5 days) that relate to payments
  • Prepare exceptional payments that need to be done on bank portal
  • Ensure signatories are updated in all bank accounts as required

RCM and Compliance

  • Implement and record the PTP RCM related documents
  • Enforce the rules of NO PO NO PAY; No vendor created no pay as well as the use of one-time vendor rules
  • Ensure that invoices that are more than 6 months are not posted but are returned to the vendor for action

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