Kenya Police Ranks and Badges


The Kenya Police like other regimented body wears badges of ranks on the shoulder (Inspector-General) while Senior Sergeants – Contables put theirs on the sleeves to show their ranks. This is of course very important as it shows the level of the officer at all times. Below is the order of Kenya Police Ranks:

Inspector-General (formerly Commissioner of Police) – equivalent to the 4-star General in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)

Deputy Inspector-General – equivalent to the 3-star Lieutenant General in the KDF

Senior Assistant Inspector-General – equivalent to the 2-star Major General in the KDF

Assistant Inspector-General – equivalent to the 1-star Brigadier in the KDF

Senior Superintendent – equivalent to Colonel in the KDF

Superintendent – equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel in the KDF

Assistant Superintendent – equivalent to Major in the KDF

Chief Inspector – equivalent to Captain in the KDF

Inspector – equivalent to Lieutenant in the KDF

Senior Sergeant – equivalent to Senior Sergeant in the KDF

Sergeant – equivalent to Sergeant in the KDF

Constable – equivalent to Private and Corporal in the KDF



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