Locum Counselor Job at RefugePoint

Locum Counselor Job at RefugePoint… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at RefugePoint.


Worldwide, there are now over 60 million forcibly displaced people – the highest number ever recorded. Of those, approximately 20.2 million are refugees who have fled their home countries as a result of conflict and violent persecution. Of the 20.2 million, over 11 million have been refugees for more than 5 years and some as long as 60.


Provision of group counseling services :

  •  Make the initial call to clients to introduce counseling support services and conduct assessments for individual or couple counseling support;
  •  In liaison with the Senior Counselor, conduct support group sessions to enhance client’s self-awareness, interpersonal relationship skills, and integration;
  •  In consultation with the Senior Counselor, conduct group therapy sessions for group members;
  •  Organise and conduct life skills training for children and youth;
  •  Make appropriate internal referrals to ensure clients receive holistic services;
  •  Conduct intake and exit assessments to clients in the counseling groups to identify trends in their wellbeing and evaluate the impact of the counseling interventions;
  •  Encourage self-reported feedback from about lessons learned after life skill training.

Development of Counseling services :

  •  Participate in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of the counseling interventions;
  •  Familiarize with Salesforce, TaroWorks and all the counseling assessment tools used by the RufegePoint Counselors;
  •  Identify trends during group counseling sessions and liaise with the Senior Counselor to design strategies to address identified needs.

Virtual Counseling groups:

  •  Co-facilitate the virtual counseling sessions in collaboration with the RP Counselors;
  •  Make timely requisition of airtime and ensure clients receive this in a timely manner;
  •  Track the airtime and internet bundles received by clients vis-à-vis session attendance, and liaise with the Finance department to facilitate timely payments to the vendor;
  •  Make individual follow-ups of clients who miss or drop off during sessions and explore their individual challenges.

Professional development:

  •  Participate in continuous professional development to enhance client’s care;
  •  Attend monthly external supervision as mandated by the counseling profession and regular internal clinical supervision.

Documentation and reporting:

  •  Draft counseling case notes for each client and take attendance in Taroworks after each group session;
  •  Maintain participants’ lists in support , therapy groups and Life Skills Training;
  •  Conduct the intake and exit counseling assessments in TaroWorks and synchronise these on Salesforce;
  •  Compile and submit the weekly and monthly counseling reports to the Senior Counselor.

Attend any other duties assigned by the Senior Counselor.



  •  Degree in Counseling studies and at least 1 year of counseling practice or Diploma in counseling with at least 3 years of counseling practice;
  •  Confidentiality and integrity in the profession.
  •  Good understanding of trauma, depression and effective approaches for alleviating psychological pain;
  •  Proven experience initiating and running counseling groups;
  •  Ability to work with multinational and multilingual clients;
  •  Excellent communication skills (verbal and written);
  •  Registration by relevant regulatory authority;


  •  Prior experience working with refugees and/or asylum seekers in an urban setting.
  •  Possess cross cultural counseling skills and experience working with minority groups;
  •  A flexible approach to work spread throughout the year;
  •  Ability to multitask and work under minimum supervision;
  •  Ability to adapt to a fluid environment and think outside the box;
  •  Ability to conduct group counseling sessions in Kiswahili;
  •  Certification in Trainer of Trainers;

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