MOHCC January 2022 Intake – Application Form

MOHCC January 2022 Intake – Application Form | Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) January 2022 Intake.

MOHCC January 2022 Intake - Application Form

Applications for the three-year Diploma in Registered General Nurse Training to be conducted by the Ministry of Health and Child Health Care (MOHCC) are invited from suitably qualified holders of the following qualifications;

  • Must be aged between the ages of seventeen (17) and thirty (30) years on the date of commencement of training which is 03/01/2022
  • NB: Candidates should not be less than 17 years and not more than 30 years by 03 January 2022
  • Not more than two sittings with full certificates as Examination Result Slips are not accepted
  • Have a minimum of 5 Ordinary Level passes with symbol C or better including English Language, Mathematics and a Science Subject plus any other three subjects, excluding Practical Subjects Except Agriculture
  • Certified copies of birth certificate, National ID, Academic certificates and Marriage Certificate where applicable must be brought to the selection interviews if applicant has been shortlisted.
  • Original Certificates should also be brought on interview day for certificate verification
  • Application fee is RTGS $100.00(Using Paynow Merchant)


The cost of accessing the Electronic Application Form is $100 ZWL and applicants should follow the instructions on the website for payment (No additional payments are required as this is the only fee to be paid). 


Shortlisted candidates are expected to present the following at the interview:

  1. Original and Certified Copies of Birth Certificate.
  2. National Identity Card.
  3. Ordinary Level Certificates.
  4. Marriage Certificate where applicable.
  5. Advanced Level Certificate if attained.
  6. 2 Passport Size Pictures with the applicant’s name at the back. 

NOTE: Manual verification of the academic and identification certificates will be done on the day of the interviews.

The invitations for interviews which will be held at specified interview venues will be through the MOHCC eRecruitment Platform.

Only candidates who meet the recruitment criteria will be shortlisted for interviews.

Successful candidates will be informed via the MOHCC Electronic Platform and are required to have a satisfactory Medical Examination conducted by a Government Medical Officer.

Accepted candidates will be deployed to where training posts exist throughout the country.

NB The application is made electronically and there are no application forms on sale;

The Ministry does not advertise through any other media except the newspaper.

The Public is hereby informed and warned that none of the Schools of Nursing will be recruiting directly;

Applicants who submit more than one application and get involved in Soliciting will be disqualified, and NO THIRD PARTIES HAVE BEEN REQUESTED TO RECRUIT ON BEHALF OF MOHCC


If You face Any Challenges send HELP to 0734461954 via WhatsApp.








  1. I have already paid but its difficult to create account {You have successfully paid RTGS$50.0 to MOHCC NURSING SERVICES (334085) Merchant. Txn ID MP200623.1730.G87665

  2. sorry what is wrong with my application. it is saying they is a database error that occurred may you pliz help

  3. Comment:i managed to open and i paid 50rtgs but i ddnt get a respond,everytime i try its giving me an option to pay again and this link fo real!?

  4. i have paid 50 rtgs but the problem arise on step 4. i tried tapping save and continue to the final stage but its jamming

  5. hie guys been trying to create a account the payment has already gone through but now am failing to go any future what do i do since the application is not going through help please

  6. I have been trying to apply ever since the advert came out but am still getting the same challenges… visited the link and still couldn’t navigate to the application form portal …l think u need to update your web page or something.

  7. also managed to open and paid but its giving me an option to pay again for the past 3 days …tried to call buy its not going through,what is really going on

  8. Good day. Having challenges with entering subjects and proceeding to the last stage. I have 9 subjects including English, Mathematics and Integrated Science. when i try to proceed it keeps saying i should enter the 10th subject. Please help

  9. hie am failing to apply…its saying the email is already in use…and your help lines are not getting through plz help

  10. I Selected 8 subjects including agriculture but it is not on subjects list hence i cant proceed to the final stage can that be corrected please

  11. I selected 7 subject ..but my 7 subject is not on the list now i cant continue .what do i do now ..i have paid the money ..

    • Nothing happens just said the same thing over n over. But now the site is refusing to open completely
      Please help need to finish the application b4 due date please

  12. Now it’s refusing to continue from stage 4/5 it keeps showing me o’level passes and below there is save n continue to the next stage but if you click on it, it just shows the same thing over and over again

  13. my money has been already deducted but there is no any response for me to create an account , what should I do?

  14. I have paid the $50rtgs but, l told another story that the payment not found, HEY,,,, help l’m disappointed a lot please

    • There are missing subjects on stage 3.. I have 6 O level passes bt the other 2 are missing.. (agriculture and compined science)what can l do

  15. Zodwa Mwedziwandira july 9 2020
    my money has been deducted but I cant create a an account what I am I going to do now the closing day is by the corner. Please hepl

  16. The process is being much difficult for us people from rural remote areas…like me I came from Mt Darwin Dotito in Kazai village…am trying my best to access to the page bt it is difficult…pliz help…am in harare now to process this program coz there is no wify on rural

  17. Good morning, l am failing to access the website for registration .It keeps on showing the notification that says “the site can’t be reached”.

  18. I just paid my money and got a confirmation message. Now there is another message stating that I should pay again inorder to open an account.What should I do

  19. I am failing to reach the application form,am using the provided link but it’s not showing the page. May you please help me.

  20. I paid the required $100-00 and got a confirmation message but i am failing to create an account.What should i do because there is another message stating that i should pay again. Please help me.

  21. Having same problem.I opened account and paid the $100.I then tried to log in with my ID number and password and it’s saying Invalid Log in.Tell me that after paying the money, is the application complete or you have to log in and complete application form.

  22. i managed to open and paid the required 100rtgs but no response was made ,everytime i am trying its giving me option to pay again and i accessed the website i failed to locate the support section

  23. I paid the required $100 twice and got the confirmation messages but I am still failing to create an account. I am stuck on stage 1 of 5 what should I do please help me.

  24. I paid my application fee but now the portal is failing to take me to another page that is second page of five,May you help me so that i can go further with the appplication

  25. I paid my application fee but now the portal is failing to take me to another page that is second page of five,May you help me so that i can go further with the appplication so that i can register before deadline

  26. Maybe this is a scam after all.Trying to milk the almost empty coffers of the poor and desperate.Made the payment 3 times but ndatadza to login its saying invalid login

  27. Plz help! I have paid the required 100rtgs but am still stuck on stage 1 am being told that the money is pending and I should enter my ecocash pin to continue but when I do so am being told that I have insufficient credit I am also failing to login. What should I do?

  28. I paid my application fee but now is failing to take me to the next step ,now is still reflecting to pay again the application fee again .May you help me to move to the next step

  29. I have paid the 100rtgs fee and clicked the “create account ” icon and it asked me to make another is it that I should pay again and start all over.

  30. I just paid for the application and now when I try to login the application is denying my password. This is not nice and yet I try to call customer service the lines don’t even work. The phones are off

  31. Hello
    I submitted and confirmed ecocash but now its saying invalid login and non of help numbers are going through is,there any other way around it?…May you please assist

  32. Can i ask for how long do l have to wait for them to see my successfully payment made yet now running towards the closing date already paid now saying invalid login, please help?

  33. Its been 24hours since l paid the application form amount,but trying to login its saying invalid login,please can u assist or deadline will reach before l complete the application.

  34. I’m sorry to tell you this but I have been trying to create the account so as to complete the application as a nurse but then after entering a security check code given there correctly I get notified that I have not entered the code correctly.

  35. I tried to register and paid Rtgs 100 to the merchant… After I access another information which need the number I used to pay and the IP address …but when I entered the information the message tell that we did non receive the money from you…. So after that all the are not opening….. If you can assist please help me maybe the registration has become successful

  36. The form is not viewing. Last week Sunday I tried to apply and the form did not open twice and I lost 200rtgs. And now the link is not working.. Please update us if there are any alterations or a way forward so that the application can be done. Please.

  37. I’m now stuck on stage 1 may you please help the payment was successful but every time I access the application form it keeps on saying I must check the reference number if it’s correct of which it is….so what can I do?

  38. Hie how can l get beck to step 1 l made a mistake at that first form i entered 9 subjects instead of 8 then at step 4 that’s when l realised that l have to correct the first step but now the problem is l can’t go back to step 1. What can l do ?

  39. i have sent 3 transactions and it cant continue its restarting to step 1 for it to take another cash trans ive tried the 1st option on treansaction completion but registration failure it aint enabling me to go to step 3 or is it they send a verification mail to my im confused has this happened to anyone and they got to complete the registration and to those who are getting as far as step 4 how u doing t

  40. I have been trying to create an account buto it’s not opening.I have made the payment and filled in the details for proof of payment but it’s refusing the proof of payment and the account hasn’t been created. What should I do

  41. Please assist. I want to make payment of RTGS100 for eNurse intake January 2021. How do I pay to which account or to which number.
    I am failing to create an account. Is it because I haven’t paid.

  42. I have paid but cannot continue the process. The message is payment not found, make sure you have entered correct reference number, yet l am entering the number from the eco-cash feedback message in my phone. What could be happening?

  43. Please help l have paid my 100$ rtg but l cant create an account what can l do my money have being deducted, its saying payment not found, make sure you have entered correct ref number

  44. Paid $100 dollars and got the ref number but still saying error in entering code .Help please
    cant get help from support since yesterday

  45. guys wats happening with this e-nursing, yesterday Ipaid my money and I did not finish applying but today its saying ID number in use. W
    hat will I DO now

  46. Comment:And when I’m going to page which say”apply if you paid but can’t continued… ndi ka endako inoti incorrect reference number…guys pliz help me!!!how to go to stage 2…closing date is around the corner

  47. Hie how I can rectify the mistake that I have made ,I have entered 7 subjects instead of 6 only to realise that on stage 4 .how can I go back

  48. Hie .I made my payment but it’s saying payment not found .this has been happening ever since I started applying last year .I really need this please help

  49. Good morning. I’m having a challenge on stage one. I made a mistake on the number of subjects l passed and I realized that on stage 3, so l started over again on stage one to rectify my mistake but now I’m stuck on stage one l can’t proceed to the next stage rather I’m receiving a notification that my email is already in use.Help me I want to proceed to the next stage


  51. i made the payment yesterday but now im failing to even create an application account. please help. im even failing to get through the help desk contact numbers

  52. Always saying THIS SITE CAN’T BE REACHED. Network is available. Can open website but when i select enurse can’t be reached

  53. I tried to apply bt failed.please help me with the steps on how to apply.I tried to contact help desk numbers bt failed?please help!

    • I submitted and confirmed ecocash but l have a challenge on the website it’s saying internal server error ,what can l do please help

  54. Not accessing the web page
    Wat should l do please help
    Wat is meant by the term “harsh”
    Sometimes it’s saying harsh incorrect

  55. I paid and got the confirmation message and proceeded up to stage 3 and it started displaying an error message so l contacted the help desk they sent me another link which required me to insert my confirmation message code and l did so but now the drop down menu for the date of birth olis not appearing anymore and l can’t proceed please help

  56. Ummm please help the help desk number is not going through, i had a challenge on email account tile at second stage

  57. I paid 100 rtgs but I’m failing to go to stage 2. It’s saying ID already exists log in, but when I try to log in its saying account doesn’t exist.

  58. I have a questions good people
    I wrote 2 subjects separately, June n November these were second attempts
    Are they considered as 2 sittings or 1 sitting

  59. Im trying to submit the first stage for application(stage1) and there is an error message which says: Sent. Transaction has been created in Paynow and an up stream system, the customer has been referred to that upstream system but has not yet made payment.My question is how can i pay on my application fee?

  60. If anyone gets the names of successful students for September intake contact me please 0716052028
    And how do you know you have been shortlisted besides email and phone call


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