NETS Admission Requirements

Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary NETS Admission Requirements… List of requirements for admission into certificate, diploma, undergraduate degree programmes and postgraduate degree programmes.

About Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary

NETS was established in 1991 (shortly after Namibian Independence) by a merger of two theological institutions: Windhoek Theological Seminary (WTS) and Windhoek Evangelical Bible College (WEBCol). The Protestant Unity Church and the Evangelical Bible Church (EBC) were also involved. With so many churches represented in Namibia, there arose the need for one institution offering quality theological education – across the denominational spectrum – to achieve evangelical unity. Since that time NETS has offered ministry and theological training on Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels. NETS serves 16 different local Christian denominations as well as para-church organisations by training their people for ministry.

The Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary NETS admission requirement is the first step in your application process. Like other institutions of learning, admission into the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary NETS is subject to meeting the admission requirement for your choice of course.

Admission Requirements for Certificate & Diploma Programmes Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary NETS


Passes in all four Core subjects and any two Electives relevant to the course.


Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations
Passes in all the core subjects i.e. Core English, Core Mathematics

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programmes at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary NETS

  1. Select the course (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, or Honours) that you wish to apply for from the NETS Prospectus (above)
  2. Print off and complete the  NETS Application form 2022 2023
  3. Print off and have your Pastor complete the Ministry Authorization Letter.
  4. Make appropriate copies of all documentation that is requested as part of the Application Letter (refer final page).
  5. Submit your application, together with all supporting documentation and the application fee, to the NETS office.

NOTE: ONLY applicants who have met the admission requirements shall be considered for admission.

Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary NETS Application Steps

Follow the steps below to complete the application process:

Step 1: Obtain the Application Form.

Step 2: Obtain the Brochure, and go through it before completing the application form.

Step 3: Once you are done with STEP 2, fill out the application form and attach relevant documents(s)

Step 4: In this step, you are either to forward the application form back to the institution or if you were on the online application portal, you click on ‘submit application’

Once you have done with the application process, the next step is to wait for the names of selected applicants.

For more information or inquiries visit the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary NETS official website and/or campus.

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