Best Phone Trackers Available

Phone theft is so common nowadays, if you have lost your Android device, not to worry again. I have compiled a list of Eleven(11) powerful anti-theft software that will help you locate and get your device back.

The app is going to list have great features that can facilitate you to locate a missing device by sending its GPS location to your email or any other channel you want it to go. You can also wipe your device remotely with these apps or software. The app can as much record audio of the person in custody of the phone or the rear camera have the ability to snap on it own and send the picture to your email or another device. The list is endless.
The app that I will list out is for preventive measures, that is, it most be installed in the phone before you lost it, aside that, the app won’t work. You can’t expect to use tracker when you didn’t install it on the device.
Without many talks again, let’s go into the top Eleven trackers app for Android Tracking.

Have you got an issue of the stolen phone and probably you were down that you couldn’t even eat again, worry no more, I recommend this app. PLAN B works well if you have installed any anti-theft app before it got lost. The application will locate your device using GPS; gathering the information about the phones current location and sending to your mail. Plan B has the ability to frequently update the location of the person with the phone every 10 minutes. Phones don’t support this app can track their phones remotely by sending “location” with another phone with full detail of the device description and a message will be forwarded to your email.

2. Where is my Droid
This is an app that typically locates a stolen phone. When your device or smartphone goes missing, the code you will be the coordinates of the phone or device once the where’s my Droid is installed.
With where’s my Droid, you can control your phone remotely by taking pictures of perpetrators with the rear camera. You can also lock the phone or wipe the entire device at the comfort of your home. You report to the local Police once the phone has been located for retrieval from the perpetrators.

3. Android Lost Free
The app is for free. It works the best in locating your stolen phone. It is free to download, it helps you take pictures, speech etc. Once the sim card is changed. You will receive a mail notifying you the details of the new sim. The app is hidden from the launcher or home screen to prevent uninstalling. With the app, you can activate the alarm to ring, you can also enable GPS, and other features like Wi-Fi, permanent wipe remotely etc. The app is one of the best, easy to use and also efficient.

4. Cerberus App
Features of Cerberus includes tracking through GPS, alarm trigger(remotely), wiping remotely, locking of the phone etc. You can take snapshots and as well as audio records with the phone remotely. It’s free to use version doesn’t last long, it typically last a week while the premium version allows for multiple usages (same account). They work perfectly like any other of its kind. You can search more for more features about the app.

5. Norton Mobile Security Lite
This security app is one of the best when it comes to mobile security. They give maximum protection against phone theft. They come in two versions, the paid and free, now the free is running within time while the paid is not limited. Key features in this app/software include, alarm trigger, location via Google map, phone is locked once the sum is replaced or changed, data backups, etc.
Try this app, and you will see the difference.

6. Kaspersky Mobile Security App
This security app comes with blocking, wiping, device tracking via GPS, Google maps for etc even when the sim has been replaced. You can hide certain private information is messages and calls can be blocked. With this application, you can track your stolen phone, and you can even wipe the device remotely. You can see the free version of it before you proceed to buy the premium version. I recommend it.

7. Prey Anti- Theft
Prey Anti-theft software/app needs to be installed in the phone before it goes missing. To locate a missing phone that Prey Anti-theft is installed. You will activate it via SMS with this command, “GO PREY” (capitalized) into the Cpanel through the web to register the device ‘missing’. Then, you will be mail the current location of the phone, and other details. It cannot be easily uninstalled.

8. Lookout Security App
This app works with Google map, you can use it to locate your phone at any place on earth. You can lock, wipe your phone remotely with this great app. It has the ability to trigger an alarm even when it off and will notify of he last phones location if in case the phone is off.

9. McAfree Security App/Antivirus
This is another security software that is built with the latest features that will keep you safe from theft. The free version comes with one week trial but the paid version is up to $45. The app gives 100per cent protection and your device is safe with it. They antivirus protection is free to use.

10. Avast Mobile Security
It is hidden in mobile device or phones, they are controlled via SMS or through the web. They have the ability to track a stolen phone. They also have the ability to remotely control device, be it wiping, triggering of the alarm, calls, etc. You can try Avast Mobile Security App.

11. AVG Antivirus
This application can protect your device against theft by locating the missing phone via Google Map, and it can look your device so the perpetrator won’t have access to your files/messages. It can also take pictures of the perpetrators. I recommend for your use.
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