Evelyn Hone College Contact Details

Evelyn Hone College Contact Details

Evelyn Hone College Contact Details – See Location, Phone Number, Email Address, Mail Address, etc.

Our Vision:

To be a preferred University College of Technology for training in applied arts, commerce, science and technology.

Our mission:

To provide quality training in applied arts, commerce, science, and technology in order to increase the pool of highly skilled personnel, enhance their employability and contribute to economic diversification.


The college workforce is guided by the following core values and principles:

Professionalism: Being competent, ethical conduct, highly trained, and objective judgment in execution of duty.

Integrity: Putting the obligations of the College above personal
interests, and conducting oneself in a manner that is above reproach.

Transparency: To ensure openness in service provision.

Fairness: Being objective, impartial, and honest in its service provision; The College will avail its Clients/Stakeholders with
information in a fair, impartial, open and honest manner,
unless the withholding of information is necessary in the
public interest; It will seek proficient and valuable ways to
solve problems and better serve its clients in the most cost-
effective way (in terms of financial and human resources, time).

Accountability: Being answerable and take responsibility for all actions in service provision.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: College will provide services to its clients and stakeholders in a quick and timely manner while achieving desired results to its clients and stakeholders satisfaction.

Contact Information:

Physical Location

Corner of Dushambe and Church Road,

Postal Address: Box 30029, Lusaka, Zambia.

Visit: http://evelynhone.edu.zm/contact-us/ for more information.

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