FAQs About Kenya & Prepared Answers for Each

Undoubtedly, everything we know or understand today is based on the questions asked and ready-made answers given to each. It was due to a wide range of unanswered questions that Google came into existence to aid the masses to get knowledge and understanding of a particular thing. Google has made the world to experience a reliable and stress-free platform of getting answers to any question asked.


FAQs stands ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ and it means questions that are often or predominantly asked on a particular subject matter. There are a lot of FAQs about Kenya and even the world at large. But we’ll be focusing on the FAQs about Kenya and suitable answers for them.

In this post, we’ve put a list of FAQs about Kenya & prepared answers for them.

The following are FAQs about Kenya and prepared answers for each:

  • What is Kenya best known for? 

Ans: Kenya is best known for her famous scenic landscapes and wildlife preserves.

  • What drives Kenya Economy?

Ans: Kenya is driven by her liberalized external trade system and the country focuses on agriculture, forestry, fishing, manufacturing, mining, energy, tourism, and financial services.

  • What is the name of Kenyan’s long term development?

Ans: Kenya Vision 2030 (Swahili: Ruwaza ya Kenya 2030), it’s the country development programme from 2008 – 2030.

  • What are the major water bodies in Kenya?

Ans: The major water bodies in Kenya are Lake Turkana, Rift Valley lakes, Victoria valley lake etc.

  • Why is Kenya so poor?

Ans: Kenya is poor due to her over-populated citizens ranging from 44 million persons below the actual country poverty lines. Also, for her longstanding corruption standard such as bribery, fraud, stealing etc.

  • How safe is Kenya?

Ans: Kenya is an averagely safe country, some parts are entirely safe, unlike the others. Kenya is ranked 116th out of the 162 on the raking of the safest and most dangerous places.

  • What are the interesting facts about Kenya?

Ans: Kenya is one of the largest countries in East Africa with 43.5 million population of people. it’s also a fact that Kenya is one of the most known countries that have very hot climate due to her location.

  • Where do most Kenyans live?

Ans: Most Kenyans live in the highlands, where Nairobi sits at an altitude of 5,500 feet (1,700 Meters).

  • What was Kenya named before being called ‘Kenya’?

Ans: Kenya was known as Kenya Colony between 1920 – 1964 before it was changed to The Republic of Kenya.

  • Is Kenya regarded as a rich country?

Ans: Kenya is not actually a rich country, it’s a lower-middle-income country and her economy is the second-largest in Eastern & Central Africa following Ethiopia.

  • Is Kenya a democratic country?

Ans: Kenyan politics takes place in a framework of a presidential democratic republic whereas the President is both the Head of state and Head of government, and it operates on a multi-party system in accordance with their 2010 constitution.

  • Why are Kenyans so fast?

Ans: For decades, Kenyan observers have guessed that the Rift Valley runners are dominant in distant races because they spend their childhood training on how to run, jump, walk fast and working fast on fields.

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