How to Start a Pure Water Business in Kenya

If you have been thinking about how to start a pure water business in Kenya, you are welcome to this article. Pure water or sachet water business is a long-standing one in Kenya, and it is a lucrative one because humans cannot do without water.


How to Start a Pure Water Business in Kenya

This article will expose you to what you need, to get this business running in Kenya, how to make good money from it, and the marketing strategy you must put in place.

Depending on the resources available, a pure water or sachet water business can be run on a large or small scale. A small-scale pure water business will not require much capital from you, while a large-scale pure water business will require a lot of resources to get started.

A small business that sells pure water can afford to buy equipment for making and packaging the water, and a way to get it to retailers or customers.

As we all know, humans cannot do without water, which means the demand for it is high every day, making this business a lucrative one because you will get to sell your goods and make a good profit at the end of the day.

Most people out there have been asking to know how much it takes to start a successful sachet or pure water business in Kenya. This article will get to the bottom of those questions and give them insights on how to go about it and get started.



Sachet, or pure water, business is the packaging and sale of treated water for human consumption. It can be sold to retailers or directly to consumers.

As profitable as this industry is, you must have a good business plan in order to succeed. You can’t just get up and start a business and expect to succeed.

If you really want to venture into this business in Kenya, we have carefully researched this topic and outlined what you must do to make it in this business.


How to Start a Pure Water Business in Kenya

The truth about making it in business is that you must have a business plan and a marketing strategy. Without these two, you cannot go far in business.

Without further ado, let us get to discussing the guides you need to follow in order to be successful in your pure water or sachet water business.

1. Make a business plan

Before you venture into any business, you must have a business plan. A business plan is a document that states the objectives of the company and how you plan to achieve them. A business plan lays out a written road map for the firm from marketing, financial, and operational standpoints.


In your business plan, you must specify things like rent—whether you are building a place for the business or you are renting a place—the rooms needed, machines needed, a generator or electricity, and means of distribution. So, these things must be well planned for and the resources made available before venturing into the business.

2. A Good Location for Your Factory

Another important thing you must consider is where you want to site your factory. You must take so many things into consideration before concluding on the location. You should consider how accessible the place is, its nearness to the market, how secure the area is, and if there is constant electricity in the area.

3. Source of water

You should know if the water at the location is good for drinking. You will be selling treated water, and as such, you need to know the type of water available there. We recommend drilling a borehole because you cannot fetch water from the river.

You should know the registration body will come for an inspection of your factory, so you should make sure the water you are selling is okay for consumption.

4. Facilities

The facilities needed for your business to kick-off must be planned for. Starting from the space or factory, the machines you need, the buses or vans for distribution, etc. You must adequately plan for these things before starting your business. Below are the equipment you need to fully start your business.

  • Water purification system

You need a water purifying machine for your business; you can conduct a survey by visiting some pure water factories nearby and checking out the machine they are using.

  • Sealing Machine

You also need a sealing machine to make production faster. With the sealing machine, you don’t have to manually seal the water; the machine will help with that.

  • Van

You need a van or truck to make the distribution easy and less stressful. While some of the distributors will come with their vans, the retailers buying directly from you may not have vans or trucks, so you will use the company’s van and deliver the goods to them.


5. Staff and factory workers

You need able hands to get you what you want. Hiring experienced workers will help boost your productivity and also help your company stand out in the industry. Starting from the personnel in charge of production to the workers in charge of loading into vans, you must make sure they are carefully selected. Get competent hands so that your business will stand out.

6. Distributors

Getting distributors for your business is cool; they will buy from you at a cheaper rate and then distribute it to retailers or to consumers. This strategy will make the business move faster, and you will have a good turnover


If you want to be successful in your sachet or pure water business in Kenya, follow the steps we have mentioned above, and you will make it big in the business. We wish you success as you apply these steps to your pure water business.