Michael Giannulis Grant Scholarships Programme 2021

Michael Giannulis Grant Scholarships Programme 2021 – How to Apply.


Michael Giannulis is the chief executive officer of BPO USA as well as Pixx Media. He is also the co-owner of a leading real estate investment firm. He likes to share his business strategies including scaling tips with enthusiast entrepreneurs.

Michael Giannulis is a skilled and successful entrepreneur and marketer who appreciates that education is, without doubt, the most essential and critical aspect as far as developing a successful career is concerned. Then, the higher education costs incurred in chasing higher degree courses in the US appear skyrocketing up each year and many American students are finding it tremendously difficult or unachievable to fund their higher education all by themselves and without much monetary aid or help.

Considering all of these things, Mike has created the awesome Grant program with the gracious objective of assisting the most deserving and most bright student in reducing financial stress and conquering the financial burden of an expensive education in one of the accepted and accredited colleges or universities in the US.


A student could be a senior in a high school or at the present accepted at a familiar college or for that matter a university.

He or she could be a freshman, sophomore, as well as a junior student currently enrolled at an accredited and recognized educational institution to become qualified for the Mike Giannulis grant money.

He or she must submit an elaborate and informative essay of approx 750-800 words on the topic, “Scaling Your Business – Six Stages of It and How to Succeed?”


The final winner, who writes an outstanding and brilliant essay, would be informed through an official email. The candidate should contact Michael Giannulis within 15 days or so by replying to the email. The reward prize money would be sent straight to the student’s bank account.

The winning candidate to be informed on July 15, 2021, through an email.

Application Procedure

All essay submissions for the Mike Giannulis Grant should be made via email, with a Word file attached, and the same sent to [email protected]

Please provide the following details with your essay submission:

  • First and Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • School Graduation Date
  • College or university you’re are currently applying, or accepted at, or enrolled
  • Most recent GPA

How to Apply

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply.

Application Deadline:1st July 2021.

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