NUST eResources-Off-Campus Platform

NUST eResources-Off-Campus Platform.

About NUST eResources

NUST Library has in place a system of Faculty Librarians to work with academic staff in support of their teaching and research endeavours. Faculty Librarians serve as information specialists for each Faculty. They also work with students in support of their learning.

The management of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has activated an eResources-Off-Campus Platform for students. The eResources-Off-Campus Platform serves as an online library. Therefore, students are advised to access the platform and discover new things during this lockdown era.

The eResources-Off-Campus Platform has all it takes for students to research on diverse topics with respect to their course or any subject matter. it also features research papers, e-books, documents, etc.

Click HERE to access the eResources-Off-Campus Platform.



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