PSLE Results for Lindi Region 2022 – Matokeo ya Darasa la saba 2022 Lindi

You are welcome to this page if you want to know how to check your PSLE Exams Results for Lindi Region. We have published how to successfully check your result without stress in this article.

PSLE Results for Lindi Region 2022 – Matokeo ya Darasa la saba 2022 Lindi


The Primary School Leaving Examination (Tanzania) (PSLE) is a primary education examination that is done by Standard 7 students (7th grade) across Tanzania and serves as the secondary school entrance exam. The exams are usually administered between late June to early or mid-August and are managed by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA). Students are required to obtain three credits to pass the exams. Critiques of the PSLE include the inability to reflect the abilities of students often found with examinations, with a particular twist given Tanzania’s rising primary attendance and graduation rates:

“In its current form [PSLE] is an unsuitable vehicle for the examination of candidates who have been educated in a competency based curriculum. Very different forms of assessment are required to test skill and competence, as compared to the traditional testing of factual knowledge. This challenge is complicated by the fact that if retention is improved, quite soon a full range of pupil ability will be represented in the final year of primary school and will be need[ed] to have an examination which is capable of measuring the abilities of that full range. Such am [sic] assessment is much more complex and subtle than the traditional system.”

Further, the PSLE is conducted in English, which provides significant institutional barriers to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students in a country where between 120 and 164 languages are spoken, the lone national language is Kiswahili, and English integration in Tanzanian daily life has been far less successful than in other former British colonies in East Africa, like Kenya.

PSLE Results 2022 Lindi Region Information

All regions in the country including the Lindi region conducted their PSLE exams from October 5 to 6 2022. Students who are eagerly waiting for the results of their exams can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The Lindi region has already published its results for the PSLE exam.

How to Check PSLE Results Lindi Region 2022

Follow the steps below to check your results:

  1. Visit:
  2. Navigate and click on the name of your school or center e.g CHELEWENI PRIMARY SCHOOL – PS0803015
  3. Once you click on your school or center, you will be able to check the results.

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is administered by the Tanzanian government and its aim is to assist based on competence in English and Maths. Candidates for the exams are advised to prepare very well using the available past papers and answers so that they will be able to sail through the exams successfully. Protection Status