List of Courses Offered at RVTC

List of Courses Offered at Rundu Vocational Training Centre RVTC… Full list of educational courses offered at the Rundu Vocational Training Centre RVTC.


About Rundu Vocational Training Centre

Formally known as Rundu Technical Institute, started in 1987 at Rundu Secondary Premise. It moved to the current premise in March 1990. Our mission is to provide training opportunities for young Namibians to become skilled workers through vocational training.
The RVTC currently has seven fields of studies on a part-time and full-time basis, Auto electric, Auto mechanic, General electric, Brick laying/plastering, Plumbing & pipe fitting, Office administration and Joinery & cabinet making. Welding is currently only part-time but plans are underway to offer it full-time.


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List of Courses Offered at Rundu Vocational Training Centre Rundu Vocational Training Centre RVTC

Below is a list of Educational programmes offered at Rundu Vocational Training Centre RVTC:


Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Web Design(Web Design)
  • Certificate in Keyboarding Skills(Keyboarding Skills)
  • Certificate in Networking Fundamentals(Networking Fundamentals)
  • Certificate in Bookkeeping(Bookkeeping)
  • Pastel Accounting Course(Accounting)
  • Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills(Counselling Skills)
  • Certificate in MS Access
  • Certificate in Customer Care
  • Certificate in English for Speakers of other languages(ESOL)
  • Certificate in Office Procedures
  • Certificate in Ms Excel
  • Certificate in Business Communication
  • Certificate in Report Writing
  • Certificate in Effective Communication
  • Certificate in Internet Use
  • Certificate in Personal Computer Repair
  • Certificate in Telephone Etiquette
  • Certificate in Business Finance
  • Certificate in Windows Server System Administration
  • Certificate in Image Consulting and Branding
  • Certificate in Business Plan Writing
  • Certificate in Project Proposal/Dissertation Writing
  • Certificate in Essentials of Public Relations Management

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Counseling(Counseling)
  • Diploma in IT Systems Support and Maintenanc
  • Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety Management

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