Study abroad Scholarship – Collect

Study abroad Scholarship – Collect – Eligibility, Application form & How to Apply.


Sambla Group AB awards a scholarship to those who are a student at a Swedish university or college and have already, or will, study abroad.

They are very happy about the opportunity to support you during and after your journey to study abroad, regardless of the direction or level of study. They believe that studies in places where the culture differs significantly from the Swedish one have the potential to create the most value. With this said, they would like to especially encourage you who have chosen a place that meets this criterion.


  • Studies abroad must have taken place or be expected to take place for at least one semester
  • The studies have been/will be full-time
  • Applicants must be active studentsApplicants must be registered in Sweden


The scholarship is worth SEK 10,000.


Apply by filling out the form. Keep in mind that Sambla’s assessment is subjective, so justify why you are the perfect candidate.

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Application Deadline: 31st March 2023.

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