University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Contact Details

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Contact Details

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Contact Details – See University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Location, Phone Number, Email Address, Mail Address, etc.

The University of Zimbabwe is the oldest, leading and finest University in Zimbabwe which is involved in teaching and research and offers degrees, diplomas and certificates in various disciplines which include arts, agriculture, law, medicine, social studies, science, engineering, education, commerce and veterinary sciences.


Recognized as Zimbabwe’s Global Centre of Excellence in Research, Innovation and Higher Education Training, contributing to at least 30% of the advanced knowledge products, processes, goods and services in national industry and commerce by 2035.


University of Zimbabwe provides leadership in relevant and cost-effective research, knowledge-based innovative solutions, products and services, advanced educational training and technical advisory for industry, commerce and society to inform modernization processes in developing economies.

Contact Information:

630 Churchill Avenue,
Mt Pleasant, Harare

Email: [email protected]“>

Tel: +263-4-303212-13 Ext. 11334 / 11165

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