Ways to Make Money Online

The internet itself is a community of opportunities. What I mean in this statement is that the internet is loaded with opportunities to make tangible income either on a monthly basis or being paid for rendering a particular service(s). I have carefully researched into the advantages and the huge benefits that the Internet could bring to us as individuals or organisations. It doesn’t depend on your location, in short, you don’t need an office. Just make your computer or smartphone available with access to the internet, then you are good to go.

Don’t spend time chatting on social media, channel those efforts to any of the listed avenues and see what the product will be. Remain determined and focus.

In this article, I have outlined various avenues or ways one can get or make money online(logically)

1. Online selling
Selling online is the act of selling goods, products and many other things online. Services may be in many forms, example, providing design services which is on the demand which means you will definitely have lots of demand and you’ll make a lot of money from it. In this type of selling, we mean selling in one’s blog or channel. This is of advantage because you are not charged on the platform because it’s yours compared to using other e-commerce sites to render the services.

2. Writing and Publishing Books Online
Online publishing is another platform you can generate money. Here, you publish books, project work, seminar presentation topics, tutorial PDF and many other materials online for people to buy. This medium of generating money is tedious but once you have passion for something, you will definitely not lack what to write/publish.

3 Making Money as Agents for Property Companies
You can make money being an agent for a property company by promoting the company’s products or services through various mediums like Facebook, blogs, Instagram, etc. You will be rewarded with cash if client rents or pays for services through your promotion or referrals. The only way to join is to register as an agent.

4. Sell on E-Commerce sites
This is another way, here you display your products or service on e-commerce websites, this attracts potential buyers and you are contacted for the products. Most of these sites offer free display of merchants products on their site’s. This medium will generate money for you on either weekly or monthly basis.

5. Blogging
Blogging is the act of providing valuable contents that can help one solve a particular or get a particular information by daily postings and updates of outdated articles or posts. The more visitors or traffic, the more your revenue because those visitors will interact with the displaying ads, and also the affiliate programs.

6. Vlog
Vlog means video Blogging, it’s the same with Blogging just that its content is rather in video format than the normal written format. The way it works is that you will open a YouTube channel, posts valuable video and then you monetize it with YouTube AdSense.

7. Affiliate programs / Marketing
Affiliate programs like Amazon, Web Hosting companies affiliates are open for individuals to register as a partner.
How it works
Basically, before you make it with affiliate programs, you must, first of all, have an online presence. That’s you could be Blogging, very active on social media, etc. The trick here is to have good daily traffic if you run a blog or have thousands of follows in the case of social media. With this, you will have many potential buyers coming from that traffic or follow which will definitely earn you good money at the end of the month.
Recommended Affiliates
1. Amazon
2. Aliexpress
3. Godaddy
4. Jumia
5. Konga etc.
These affiliates work perfectly if you have good traffic and social media followers.

8. Freelancing
This is another way to make money online. This involves the offering of professional services online like web designing, graphics, content development, and so many others. You don’t need to meet the person you are working for, all you need is his description of what he or she wants and you start creating what the person wants. If you have any professional skills, I recommend this medium for you. It pays well, and works for may. Try it and thank me later.
There are platforms for freelancing but I recommend Fiver.com. Visit the platform and sign up as a freelancer.

9. Online tutorials
This is another way of making money online through online tutorial. Here, you go on to teach one-to-one tutorials via web camera etc. It generates a lot of money because you are paid to render the services. Try it, it works perfectly.

10. Online Surveys, and App testing
This particular one is on the increase gradually. Multinational companies pay people online to do some survey for them. It could be to test a new product or services, etc. They reward the participants after the exercise or survey.

App testing is also a medium of making money online. Here, app developers and websites pay people to test the apps, and the website if it is meeting expectations, and also being user-friendly/easy to use.

11. Buy and sell domains
Domain selling is another way of making money online. A domain is just the website address or name example kescholars.com or other extensions like.. Net, .UK etc. A domain can be bought today with $0.99 but in the nearest future, it will increase to more than $1000. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity, and get domains for sale. It’s paying well if you know what you are doing. I strongly recommend this too. Just research about commercial names, get them and enlist them for sale.

Conclusion & Recommendations
The above listed online business opportunities for generating or making money is recommended for you, key into any of the ways; improving yourself and also working hard to make it in the area(s). Please, remember to share your success stories here.
I’ll update it from time to bring better avenue to explore the riches on the internet and the opportunities in it.



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