Anonymous Hope Fund

Anonymous Hope Fund – Eligibility, Application form & How to Apply.


Over 670,000 personal proposals are submitted every year and all that are legitimate which are about 93% of the submitted total are funded.

And about 7,560 legit organizations submit proposals and are funded every year

Every year they hold continuous calls for grants and personal or organizational proposals submitted are reviewed and the applicants are contacted about the results of their applications with in the next 20 and 40 working days respectively and if approved the funds are disbursed immediately on approval.


  • Grants are served on a first come first served basis but not limited to availability .


Personal grants range from 100USD to 3,000USD only, and organizational grants range from 50,000USD to 300,000USD.


  • Download application form
  • Print application form
  • Fill application form
  • Scan and submit filled form to the email listed on the application form
  • Wait for review
  • They will contact you for the results of your application using our official emails or AHF branded sms and get funded if approved

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