GOtv Zambia Customer Care & Contact Details

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GOtv Zambia Customer Care & Contact Details

Have you been wanting to speak to with GOtv Zambia Customer Care Representative? Or your question is How to contact GOtv Zambia offices or speak with a representative? If that’s what you’re looking for, this article focuses on how you can contact GOtv Zambia Customer Care Representative.

Below are GOtv Zambia Customer Care number & the physical address of office outlets.

You can see GOtv Zambia Packages & Prices 2020 & Easiest Ways To Pay GOtv Zambia.

Contact GOtv Zambia


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+260 211368343


MultiChoice Zambia Limited, Plot no 34772/34773 Alick Nkhata Road Lusaka Zambia




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  1. Help me some channels have disappeared from my decoder

  2. Broadmiller says:

    I paid k90 for gotv max now u didn’t given me why?

  3. Hello gotv please upgrade my account have just payed for 165 ICU number is 7028681841

  4. Tombozi Sakala says:

    I wonder why you people tell us to make payments using Airtel money or these other alternatives like bank on our phones when you can activate our recorder, for me mwandi am begining to get hate coz of this service mwe.i payed 175 but up to now nothing

  5. mika sinyangwe says:

    Please I have paid 175 few channels where showing i went at cosmopolitan mail to upgrade now still all super sports are currently scrambled my ICU number 2014271464

  6. Have payed for k165 now my alc is suspended icu # is 2014297087

  7. mary says:

    i paid but the channels are not showing iuc number 2028532295

  8. Corretious chisi says:

    Hello govt we 3 days ago k130 but up to now plizzzzz

  9. Dennis muchindu says:

    Hey upgrade my gotv decorder ICU number 6999249904

  10. Mwanza says:

    it has been three days since I paid my subscription k110 nothing is happening my IUC number 6999178866 please do something

  11. Atredy Zulu says:

    Morning have paid my subscription for k120 its been 48hrs but you have not upgraded us my iuc #6995442595

  12. Racheal kapobe says:

    I paid for Go TV subscription but other channels except ZNBC are showing.. Like it has not been paid for..plz help me

  13. Joshua Miti says:

    Hello this is Joshua I have just paid 120 for gotv plus but still receiving less channel why

  14. Mary Jere says:

    Hi, I paid K175 on 1st January, 2021 but some channels upto now are not showing I went back to the urgent and was told to reboot of which I did but nothing has happened please help me.

  15. Raban Makando says:

    Could you please upgrade my go tv account I paid k165 IUC 7035140959

  16. Michael Mashini says:

    Morning gotv I paid 185, you need to upgrade my view iuc 0999257202

  17. Giswell Mobela says:

    Please can you upgrade my gotv from 65 to 120

  18. Mulenga Joseph says:

    Some of channels has disappeared i paid k65, can you help me please

  19. Chanda says:

    I have paid for 65 but still its not active 7024100612 help with that please

  20. michael chandalala says:

    Why has my gotv subscription ended today when I paid on 24th.

  21. Ponde says:

    I have paid but only.a few channels are showing i paid maximum

  22. Bibian simumbu says:

    I have payed k155 am trying to top up it has failed pliz help me

  23. Kastin mtambo says:

    Am failing to pay since yesterday what could be the problem

  24. Kaili chimbwe says:

    I paid 150 using airtel money on sarterday but up today it is not showing

  25. Tambu Malambo says:

    Kindly assist some channels have been locked on IUC no. 70323225641

  26. Terry tyaba says:

    Hello gotv… Kindly assist me, I payed for a go-max k175 but but only 41 channels are showing

  27. Bernadette mwanamuchende says:

    Please gotv i paid 120 you need to upgrade my view. IUC is 6995414064

  28. Calezy says:

    I paid gotv for 50 and i want topup 20

  29. jackson kabeba says:

    I want you to help me connect gotv with my phone.Every time I want to connect it is bringing the smart card number which I don’t know.Thanks

  30. Edwin Albert Rose says:

    I have paid for the full bouquet K175 but I can’t access all the channels only a few are accessible

  31. Barnabas Zulu says:

    hello you called me to pay i did and you cant switch me on plz help
    my account no is 2020945620

  32. Edinah Banda says:

    I paid k55 yesterday but it’s not showing assist me please

  33. Faith kaira says:

    Morning gotv i paid 145 for gotv max chaopena.but still it’s not opened icu 2028702430

  34. Thaila says:

    I have paid k200 please upgrade from 130 to 145 iuc 4623570716

  35. Evelyn Nangogo says:

    How to disgrade my gotv

  36. Brenda nambeya says:

    I paid gotv for K50 am still waiting no signal

  37. Isaac Mukuka says:

    Hello there have just paid the subscription for Gotv, yesterday I paid for K56 and today I have top up K35 IUC number 7024079292 please please activate my account.

  38. annie says:

    I paid 45, please up grade.iuc 2018347790

  39. Nancy eniya says:

    Why do you keep on closing the channels l understand you want us to upgrade it’s not every one who is Rich but we can manage 120 .it’s not a poverty mentality we work hard upgrade in education and other things and when we are blessed we will upgrade. Thanks you

  40. Caroline Thole says:

    I have paid k120 but still not any channel has been opened

  41. Brian Sikazwe says:

    Morning GOtv upgrade my account have just paid K145 lUC no.2022519732

  42. Dorcas bwalya says:

    I have upgraded my subscription to Max but just watching 24 channels.

  43. Obert Siamuleya says:

    Hello gotv I paid k145 now it is not showing any please help us, the iuc number is 2014238470

  44. Wilson Chikunji says:

    I paid K175 for Gotv Max but unfortunately I viewing 25 channels please attend to my predicament.

  45. Zimba thomas says:

    I paid for k175 Gotv max but am only watching 24 channels pliz up date my decorder

  46. isaac banda says:

    Please help me out I paid 111 and toped up a k15 please upgrade my decoder 4623097971

  47. Mr Malawa says:

    I’ve paid my gotv with K145, i was told to do this before 31st of this month so that i can watch even next month, that was the offer please upgrade, my iuc # is 6999118392

  48. Kennedy Chisanga says:

    I Paid gotv max K160,you please upgrade my view icu 2021955941. I’m watching few channels

  49. Kelvin says:

    I paid k120 for gotv now u didn’t given me why?

  50. Gloria Chansa says:

    Please help me with the package, the package is still showing that it’s scrambled and suspended but I payed 120 for gotv plus. My iuc is 2020826197

  51. sunday sinkamba says:

    Am kindly asking if you could assist me I paid for gotv mux, but you gave me a subscription for gotvplus .my gotv iuc number is 2022172819.your response to my account will be highly appreciated.

  52. Terrance says:

    I pay 85 on Sunday but until now it’s not yet open iuc 7034960680

  53. Solomon siankweleku says:

    Help me other channels has disappeared from my decoder please restore them for me

  54. I need your help i made payment on my old decoder account 2028765207, instead of my new account decoder which is 7529061365 please assist me to transfer my money into my new account.

  55. Martha says:

    I have paid 200 but not showing kindly help

  56. Serah Kalilombe says:

    Good evening please help me I’ve paid for gotv for k65 using my Airtel mobile money I didn’t know you’ve increased to k85. How do I top up? Or help me with the line I can contact. Please. My iuc number 4623532600

  57. Davies simuchimba says:

    last was about 3months ago i paid my subscription nothing showing could it be my account has been suspended or what?

  58. Dawlyn kazungo says:

    I have paid my go TV for 145 you are not opening my channels why my ICU number 7035220716

  59. Evening gotv, I have just paid the package that contain 40+ channels at k140 but I only got 24 channel, kindly upload my other channels, my ICU no. Is 2020868958

  60. Nonde Nathan says:

    Hello Gotv l paid my GOTV this morning today for k200 but many other channels are unable to open. My ICU number is 7016601586

  61. Zachariah mphande says:

    Hi gotv kindly upgrade my decoder I have paid 125 and its saying not connected 2019520253,Zachariah mphande

  62. Zachariah mphande says:

    I have paid 140 and its not showing 2019520253

  63. Have paid 110 and the channels are not activated please help me

  64. Am just from paying the package but the channels are not activated yet please help me

  65. alice says:

    What can I do to get gotv max? Using my phone I paid k175 not realizing There is an increase.please help!

  66. Maybin sibbuku says:

    I paid full but some channels are not showing help my ICU 4623224876

  67. Siamutete Otradge says:

    Kindly help me activate, the channels I paid k 60. My Decoder no is 2019412644

  68. Ngandwe Douglas says:

    Kindly assist me,I overpaid for my subscription
    My account is 6995404297.
    Or kindly tell me what I can do.

  69. Ruth says:

    How much is gotv decorder?

  70. Bibian says:

    Good evening I paid yesterday k200 gotv max,but other channels are not open, please upgrade my ICU is 2028692786

  71. Andrew mukupa says:

    Have paid k50 am trying to top up it has failed please help me on this Iuc:7016614714

  72. Perry Mwila says:

    I paid my Gotv in a wrong account amount K200 through Airtel money help me

  73. Ronica Daka says:

    am unable to view some channels and I have been calling but yours line i ever busy kindly assist me with this ICU # being 6995396504 your response will be highly appreciated.

  74. mabvuto miti says:

    my gotv in not coming on now up checking i discovered is shorting just on the power supply

  75. Some channels have disappeared from the decoder iuc # 2017613277.Kindly assist to restore the missing channels.

  76. Mwankabala says:

    Have paid gotv bouguets for 140 but not showing channels

  77. packbwalya says:

    I have paid k200
    But it’s doesn’t work please help
    Card no

  78. George simwete says:

    Comment: Good morning i paid lastnight for k160 but its not showing any channel please up grade my GOTV

  79. Have paid k200 but no chanel is open kindly help iuc # 2020914077

  80. Simon Mwepya says:

    Hello,I recently paid 138 which showed as Ballance on the kazang machine through which I paid, everything showed normally that day,but after two days see channels disappeared, please assist.

  81. Good evening GOtv I paid for all the channels but same are not working you can contact me on this line if you need to ask me something:0979703382

  82. Felix says:

    Please help me with channel for they are not working, for have paid k80.. IUC:2004471515

  83. Natasha says:

    Morning gotv, i paid my subscription of k95 yesterday at 11:00 .its morning now and it hsnt yet activated iuc number 2028506134.

  84. Floyd Chisenga says:

    I have paid K145 for gotv plus but up to now my account has not been acticated.

  85. shula mulenga says:

    Just paid k85.00 .please upgrade my view iuc is 7532767523

  86. Sylvia kakoma says:

    Good afternoon, kindly activate my gotv (max) ICU # 2020908851 ,today it’s the third day talking about the same issue. Honestly we are tired of contact you over the same issue. Be of help it’s costly

  87. Sylvia says:

    Good afternoon, kindly activate my gotv (max) ICU #2020908851 honestly we are tired talking about the same issue. Please be of help it’s costly.

  88. Richard machinyise says:

    I need to talk to customer care personnel please, I can’t get through.

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