Biography of Joey Chernyim & Net Worth 2021

Biography of Joey Chernyim & Net Worth 2021.

Joey Chernyim or Joey Ghana (born: December 28, 1968), Ghanaian comedian, the actor famous in Thailand, and former footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

Early Life and Carrer

His real name is Musa Amidou Johnson, born in Accra, Ghana. He was a Ghana national under-17 football team and played for the Selangor FA of Malaysia Super League, Malaysia. Then he moved to Singapore, but with the high cost of living, he traveled to Thailand following his friend’s persuasion in 1999.

In Thailand, the selection of players with the TTM Thailand Tobacco Monopoly F.C., while waiting to be screened. His friend has invited to open a clothing store, but not successful. Later he found and known to the Thep Po-ngam, a famous Thai comedian, who is planning to find a comedian who is a foreigner already. His first film was Duk dum dui in 2003.

His well-known joke is the scene that answers the question of Theng Therdtherng in the Phao Taek in 2010, when Theng asked, “Mosquitoes in Ghana that flies or walks ?”, which he thinks is a very irritating question.

In addition, he also starred with the world-famous action actor Jackie Chan in The Medallion in 2003.


  • I Fine. Thank You.Love You (cameo; 2014)
  • Sweet & Sour Revenge (2012)
  • Love Summer (2011; with Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, Thanwa Suriyajak)
  • Vampire Strawberry (2011)
  • Bangkok Revenge (2011)
  • Luer Lae (2011)
  • Phao Taek (2010)
  • Luang phii theng III (The Holy Man III; 2010)
  • The Vanquisher (2009; with Sarunyu Wongkrachang)
  • Teng Nong Khon Maha-Hia (2007)
  • Lahu Funnyman (short; 2006)
  • Duk dum dui (2003)
  • The Medallion (2003)


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