List of State Corporations in Kenya – (with websites)

List of State Corporations in Kenya – (with websites).

The Republic of Kenya administers a lot of government and state corporations in the country that carries out or oversees some essential amenities in all part of the country. The state corporations are been supervised by the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise

The State Corporations deals on matters arising from the state and the local regions. They give room for opinions from the populace, in other to carry out the duties effectively.

In this post, we have a list of the state corporations with their websites.

Kenya State Corporations

  • African Trade Insurance Agency –
  • Anti-Counterfeit Agency –
  • Brand Kenya Board –
  • East African Portland Cement Company(EAPCC) –
  • Export Processing Zones Authority –
  • Export Promotion Council (EPC) –
  • ICDC –
  • Industrial Development Bank –
  • Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) –
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) –
  • Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) –
  • Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) –
  • Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) –
  • Kenya National Trading Corporation Ltd. (KNTC) –
  • Kenya Wine Agencies(KWAL) –
  • Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) –
  • Numerical Machining Complex –
  • New Kenya Co-operative Creameries (New KCC) –
  • Micro and Small Enterprises Authority –

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