List of Airports & Seaports in Kenya

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List of Airports & Seaports in Kenya |

The Republic of Kenya is one of the few East African countries with standard airports and seaports for both internal and external relations. Both serve as an aid for the process of importation, exportation and commutation of goods into or outside the country. Though airports are mainly for transportation of travellers out of the axis, it’s also helpful in external trade likewise seaports.

In Kenya, the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) oversees the airports and they own and operates nine civilian airports and airstrips.

In this post, we have a list of Airports & Seaports in Kenya.

List of Airports & Seaports in Kenya

Below is the list of Airports in Kenya:

LocationICAOIATAAirport Name
Civil airports
AmboseliHKAMASVAmboseli Airport
Angama MaraANAAngama Airstrip
BamburiBMQBamburi Airport
BungomaHKBUBungoma Airport
BuraHKBRBura East Airport
BusiaHKBABusia Airport
EldoretHKELEDLEldoret International Airport
Eliye SpringsHKESEYSEliye Springs Airport
EmbuHKEMEmbu Airport
Garba TulaHKGTGarba Tula Airport
GarissaHKGAGASGarissa Airport
HolaHKHOHOAHola Airport
Homa BayHKHBHoma Bay Airport
IsioloHKISIsiolo Airport
KakamegaHKKGGGMKakamega Airport
KakumaHKKMKakuma Airport
KalokolHKFGKLKKalokol Airport
KerichoHKKRKEYKericho Airport
KilaguniHKKLILUKilaguni Airport
KimwarerKRVKimwarer Airport
KisiiHKKSKisii Airport
KisumuHKKIKISKisumu Airport
KitaleHKKTKTLKitale Airport
KiwayuKWYKiwayu Airport
Lake BaringoLBNLake Baringo Airport
LamuHKLULAUManda Airport
Lewa DownsLewa Airport
LiboiLBKLiboi Airport
LodwarHKLOLOKLodwar Airport
LoitokitokLoitokitok Airport
LoiyangalaniHKLYLOYLoiyangalani Airport
LokichogioHKLKLKGLokichogio Airport
LokitaungHKLGLokitaung Airport
Mackinnon RoadHKMRMackinnon Road Airport
MagadiHKMGMagadi Airport
MakinduHKMUMakindu Airport
MalindiHKMLMYDMalindi Airport
ManderaHKMANDEMandera Airport
MaralalHKMIKisima Airport
MarsabitHKMBRBTMarsabit Airport
Masai MaraHKKEKEUKeekorok Airport
Masai MaraHKMSMREMara Serena Airport
Meru National ParkHKMKJJMMulika Lodge Airport
MigoriHKMMMigori Airport
MombasaHKMOMBAMoi International Airport
MoyaleHKMYOYLMoyale Airport (Moyale Lower Airport)
Mtito AndeiHKMTMtito Andei Airport
NairobiHKJKNBOJomo Kenyatta International Airport
NairobiHKNWWILWilson Airport
NaivashaHKNVNaivasha Airport
NakuruHKNKNUUNakuru Airport
NanyukiHKNLNYKNanyuki Airport
NarokHKNONarok Airport
NyeriHKNINYENyeri Airport
SamburuHKSBUASSamburu Airport
UkundaHKUKUKAUkunda Airport
VoiHKVOVoi Airport
WajirHKWJWJRWajir Airport
Military airports
NairobiHKREMoi Air Base
NanyukiHKNYLaikipia Air Base

Below is the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Airports/Airstrips:

  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport โ€“ Nairobi.
  • Moi International Airport โ€“ Mombasa.
  • Eldoret International Airport โ€“ Eldoret.
  • Wilson Airport โ€“ Nairobi.
  • Kisumu International Airport โ€“ Kisumu.
  • Isiolo International Airport.
  • Malindi Airport โ€“ Malindi.
  • Wajir Airport โ€“ Wajir.
  • Lokichoggio Airport โ€“ Lokichoggio.
  • Manda Airport โ€“ Manda Island.
  • Ukunda Airport โ€“ Diani Beach.

Below is the list of Seaports in Kenya:

  • Port of Shimoni
  • Kilindini Harbourโ€Ž
  • Kipevu Oil Terminal
  • Port of Kiunga
  • Port Reitz
  • Port Tudor
  • Port of Funzi
  • Port of Mbaraki
  • Port of Vanga
  • Port of Kilifi
  • Port of Lamu
  • Port of Malindi
  • Port of Mombasa
  • Port of Mtwapa
  • Shimanzi Oil Terminal

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