Courier Services Firms in Kenya

Courier Services Firms in Kenya | with websites.

The Republic of Kenya, being a diversified business country has been bent on supporting domestic businesses grow and expand. One of the ways of achieving that is the availability of courier services. Some businesses require courier services to commute and delivery their goods, products or wares to esteemed customers. Courier Services involves the process of delivering sold out items to buyers in far places or rural places. Also, they make the buying-and-selling process easier for customers. For instance, if a person buys an item online on Jumia, the item would be delivered to him at his doorstep by the courier services, no need to contact the company or fret about anything.

Note: Most courier services are PRIVATELY-OWNED, only a few are government-owned.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of courier services firms and websites in Kenya for easy access.

  •  Timeless Courier Services Kenya Limited – See website HERE.
  •  Roy Parcel Services – See website HERE.
  •  Securicor Kenya Limited
  •  G4S Courier Services – See website HERE.
  • NTL Parcel Services 
  •  Speedball Courier Services Ltd – See website HERE.
  •  EMS Kenya Courier Services
  •  Fargo Courier LimitedSee website HERE.
  •  Masterpiece Courier Service – See website HERE.
  •  Shujaa Delivery
  •  Parcel Services 
  •  Provincial Parcel Carriers Kenya Ltd
  •  Mambo Express Courier – See website HERE.
  •  Petty Errands – See website HERE.
  •  East Africa Courier Ltd
  •  One World Courier Service-Aramex Kenya
  •  Kezma Delivery Services
  •  Wellborn Errands & Courier Services – See website HERE.
  •  TNT Express Worldwide (K) Ltd –  See website HERE.
  •  Wells/ Fargo Courier Mombasa – 
  •  Posta Kenya
  •  Deliveroo Courier Service Ltd
  •  Mololine Parcel Services
  •  DHL Express Yaya Center
  •  DHL House –
  •  DHL Office Karen-  Tana House
  •  African Location
  •  Courierplus Kenya
  •  Postal Corporation of Kenya
  •  Fargo Courier Kisumu
  •  Fargo Courier Maua
  •  Al-Micdad Parcel Services
  •  Kerut Ltd Fedex Express
  •  Certis Co. Kenya
  •  Coronet Cargo Limited
  •  Grafa International Limited
  •  Aramex Service Center
  •  Haraka Delivery Services
  •  Halcon Express
  •  Global Express
  •  Leonary Fast Delivery
  •  Quick Logistics
  • Posterscope East Africa
  • Zigofly Kenya: (Shop and Ship from USA and UK to Kenya)

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