How to Pay & Recharge Equitel Bundles in Kenya

How to Pay & Recharge Equitel Bundles in Kenya.

Equitel is a brand under Finserve Africa Limited, a subsidiary of Equity Bank Group Limited.

Equitel operates on many exclusive services, in delivering the needs of its subscribers/customers.

Rather than buying airtime and spending it on individual bundles. Simply spend on combined units and save more.

Pay As You Go Prices

Ksh. 4.50 Per MINKsh. 1.10 Per SMSKsh. 4.30 Per MB

Below are the following bundles:

Data Plus Bundles.

Data (MBs)SMSPriceValidityProduct Category Name
7761 DayDaily Internet Bundle
101071 DayDaily Internet Bundle
2525171 DayDaily Internet Bundle
4040281 DayDaily Internet Bundle
7070381 DayDaily Internet Bundle
120120441 DayDaily Internet Bundle
557 DaysWeekly Internet Bundle
15157 DaysWeekly Internet Bundle
20207 DaysWeekly Internet Bundle
50407 DaysWeekly Internet Bundle
100807 DaysWeekly Internet Bundle
25021930 DaysMonthly Internet Bundle
80043930 DaysMonthly Internet Bundle
204899930 DaysMonthly Internet Bundle
5120159930 DaysMonthly Internet Bundle
8192200030 DaysMonthly Internet Bundle
567 Days5MB
20247 Days20MB
506090 Days50MB
10011090 Days100MB
500500120 Days500MB
15361000180 Days1.5GB
30721999180 Days3GB
81923999180 Days8GB
204807999180 Days20GB
  • Products are accessed via code *544# Or Equitel STK MENU under My Phone or My Money > Buy Airtime/Bundles
  • Equitel bundles can be purchased both from Airtime or from Equity bank account (STK/Eazzy Banking App)
  • All bundles give the option of one-time purchase or auto-renew option
  • More details on T&C are available on our Equitel website- HERE

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