Regional Branch Operations Manager Job at SBM Bank

Regional Branch Operations Manager Job at SBM Bank… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at SBM Bank.


SBM, a growing international financial institution in Africa, provides a wide range of corporate and commercial banking solutions to its clients. Kenya will operate as a gateway to Africa for SBM. SBM Bank (Kenya) Limited shall focus its activities on products and services for corporates and SMEs.


Strategy Implementation – 20%

  • Participate in the development branch operations strategy aligned to the overall Bank’s operations strategy.
  • To develop annual plans for operations support functions in line with the banks strategic objectives.
  • Formulate policies and procedures for new products and review the obsolete processes and procedures to support business.
  • Reviewing operations within the region and report all events that have risk exposure potential.
  • Ensure branches to uphold high operational standards through total compliance to policies and procedures.
  • Ensure branches implement the key deliverables in new initiatives relating to branch operations and service delivery.
  • Compile and report on all frauds and forgeries in branches in the region within the agreed timelines in accordance to the regional branch network resources and ensure optimum utilization.
  • Ensure total implementation of operations policies in the branches and 100% compliance with the same.
  • Implement the approved framework for SBM Bank – Branch Operations.
  • Formulate policies and procedures for new products and review the obsolete processes and procedures to support business.
  • Ensure 100 % compliance in Revenue collection and operational cost management.

Service Delivery – 30%

  • Ensure the branch network support by head office units to deliver excellent customer experience and work towards bridging the gaps through improved processes, procedures and service delivery standards.
  • Staff training within the region on the impact and responsibilities related to compliance and customer service requirements.
  • Ensure assigned branches comply with operations and service delivery procedures, standards and controls in line with the bank policy guidelines.
  • Consult with the region to provide feedback and opinions with regard to new projects/processes/initiatives based on various requirements in specific areas and customer needs/feedback.
  • Provide customer satisfaction through operational effectiveness, efficiencies and complaints resolution.
  • Ensure all branches are adequately staffed and assist in handling grievances and disciplinary cases within the region.
  • Initiate and organize meetings for regional branch operations management with a focus to ensure service standardization, collect feedback, address complaints and enhance team work.
  • Drive and monitor the branches operations’ setup and performance.
  • Ensure implementation and strict adherence of the approved Standard Operating procedure and processes.
  • Monitor and ensure strict adherence to Bank SLAs’ and stipulated TAT and ensure to achieve high level of customer satisfaction as per the Bank’s customer service standards and guidelines.
  • Co-ordinate with Central Operations and other support units to ensure seamless processing and uniform customer experience across all branches.
  • Ensure braches have up to date tools and equipment to support seamless operations and service delivery.
  • Monitor and ensure system uptime ,more so ATM ,Core banking and other alternate channels and escalate, follow up and ensure resolution as per SLA.
  • Drivers of uptake and usage of customer relation management systems (CRM)in branches.
  • Ensure timely resolution of CRM cases and advise customer experience on branch operations procedures, train ne staff on CRM.
  • Root cause analysis on issues raised across the branches through customer relation management system(CRM).

Compliance – 30%

  • Ensure Zero non-compliance to banks processes and procedures across the branches on all compliance and audit parameters.
  • Advise bank management on appropriate action in relation to non-compliance (To address the gaps).
  • Ensure Zero Operational Loss.
  • Ensure 100% collection of income.
  • Ensure review of the transaction journal on a daily basis.
  • Coordinate and ensure risks are proactively managed through embedded process of identifying. Assessing. Mitigating. controlling, monitoring and reporting events that have risk exposure potential.
  • Ensure all internal accounts are reconciled in a timely manner and in line with the bank policy.
  • Maintain focus on ethical conduct in the branch operations at all times in order to safeguard and enhance the banks reputation for integrity transparency and accountability.
  • Ensure compliance to anti-money laundering policies and procedures as guided by the operations and AML/KYC guidelines.
  • Conduct branch compliance assessments on a monthly basis.
  • Branch surprise checks and reviews to ensure continuous adherence to bank policies and procedures.
  • Develop and Review branch risk self-assessment tools, monitor and ensure closure of risk exposure raised.
  • Advise to management on emerging threats and risks for corrective action or possible actions to mitigate this.
  • Thorough the branch management ensure adherence to policies and processes and procedures to enhance internal controls to reduce fraud and forgeries on day to day basis.
  • Prepare and submit required management reports in a prompt manner.
  • Coordinate collation and submission of ad hoc reports to Senior Management.
  • Ensure branch opening and closure is done as per the set guidelines.
  • Ensure safe keeping of bank documents, through development and implementation of document archival and retrieval process.

People Management – 20%

  • Manage and supervise the Service Delivery Managers.
  • Set performance objectives for branch operations staff.
  • Monitor performance and appraise operations in tie with the set objectives.
  • Manage non performing staff through performance improvement programme and make recommendations to senior management and HR on appropriate action.
  • Identify top talent and create a talent pool.
  • Advise HR on optimal staff requirements based on specific branch needs.
  • Manage Staff Rotation.
  • Develop a training curriculum for branch operations staff i.e. tellers, senior operations officers, service delivery managers and customer service teams.  Ensure continuous and refresher training for branch staff both classroom and online.
  • Develop all branch operations staff through on the job training and coaching.
  • Motivate branch operations staff to achieve high levels of performance.
  • Review all disciplinary issues and in liaison with branch management make appropriate recommendations to HR to ensure effective fair and timely disciplinary resolutions.
  • In liaison with training managers ensure to undertake quality assurance on implementation of training.
  • Ensure staff work place is safe and work with the relevant departments to address any concerns raised.


Other Skills and Competencies

  • Planning and Organizing.
  • Deciding and Initiating Action.
  • Leading and Supervising.
  • Adhering to Principles and Values.
  • Analyzing.
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations.
  • Following Instructions and Procedures.
  • Coping with Pressures and Setback.

Supervision required in the job, if applicable:

  • Plans the work of subordinates
  • Assigns work to subordinates
  • Monitors reportees work performance
  • Appraises/evaluates reportees performance
  • Developing processes that support changing customer needs and advancement in technology.
  • Staff redeployment, matching skills with available job opportunities and roles for high staff productivity.
  • Staff performance appraisal.
  • Monitor and queries/feedback raised on Customer relationship management system(CRM).

Contacts and Relationships

Internal Contacts (e.g: other jobs within the organization etc):

  • Branch Managers
  • Customer Experience advisors in the region
  • Business Development staff in the region
  • Central office support Staff;HR ,Finance,IT,Treasury,Payments ,Clearing,Cash Centre
  • Compliace, Risk & Audit

External Contacts (e.g: suppliers, contractors, industry stakeholders etc):

  •  Security-G4S Security team
  • Archival Team-Metrofile

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