Safaricom Data Bundles 2020

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Safaricom Data Bundles 2020

Below are the current daily, weekly & monthly data bundles for Safaricom users in Kenya. It includes special packages for social media platforms like WhatsApp etc.

How To Buy Safaricom Data Bundles

To buy Safaricom data bundles, you can use any of these methods.
  1. Dial *544# on your phone
  2. For Blaze bundles, dial *555#
  3. Download mySafaricom app and use it to buy bundles

Safaricom Data Bundles 2020

1. Daily Plan

ResourcesPriceBonga PointsValidity
7MB + 7SMS5/=724 hours
15MB + 15SMS10/=1524 hours
50MB + 50SMS + WhatsApp20/=5024 hours
150MB + 150SMS + WhatsApp50/=15024 hours
500MB + 500SMS + WhatsApp99/=50024 hours

2. Weekly Plan

ResourcesPriceBonga PointsValidity
100MB50/=1007 days
350MB + WhatsApp99/=3507 days
1GB + WhatsApp250/=1,0007 days
3GB + WhatsApp500/=3,0007 days

3. MonthlyDataa Plans

ResourcesPriceBonga PointsValidity
350MB250/=35030 days
2GB + WhatsApp500/=2,00030 days
5GB + WhatsApp1000/=5,00030 days
15GB + WhatsApp2000/=15,00030 days
25GB + WhatsApp3000/=25,00030 days

4. Blaze Bundles

ResourcesPriceBonga PointsValidity
Blaze Daily Bundle25 MB +25 SMS10/=2524 Hours
70 MB + 70 SMS + WhatsApp20/=7024 Hours
200 MB + 200 SMS + WhatsApp50/=20024 Hours
1GB + 200 SMS + WhatsApp100/=100024 Hours
Power HourPower Hour 250MB19/=2501 hour
Blaze Weekly Bundle350 MB + WhatsApp99/=3507 days
1GB + WhatsApp250/=10007 days
4GB + WhatsApp500/=40007 days
Blaze Monthly Bundle3GB + WhatsApp500/=300030 days
7.5GB + WhatsApp1000/=750030 days
20GB + WhatsApp2000/=200030 days


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