Top 4 Universities to Study Law in Zambia

Top 4 Universities to Study Law in Zambia

Do you have passion to become a legal luminary? Do you know there are Universities in Zambia that offer the course? Do you know that these Universities have distinguished themselves and they have produced most of the Best Lawyers in the Country? In this article, we have compiled the Top 4 Universities to Study Law in Zambia.

1.  University of Zambia

This great institution made our number one(1) position because of the reputable name and standard they have laid down for years now. They run both private and public law with some courses compulsory for both options. The duration of the program in the institution is four years and the University Law School is the first in the country. For more information on admissions, visit

2. Zambia Open University

There is no doubt that the Zambia Open University is the second in the hierarchy of Top 4 Universities to Study Law in Zambia. Being the next after the University of Zambia, they have continually produced excellent scholars in the legal arm of the country. The institution has stood its grounds towards delivering quality education and a conducive learning environment for the students of the institution. For more information on admissions and entry requirements, visit

3. Cavendish University, Zambia

The Cavendish University Zambia School of Law has an excellent record of educating law students to master legal theories and practices and to perform well in the examinations for advocates offered by ZIALE (Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education). CUZ is known for standards and they have proven to be one of the best. For more information on admissions, visit

4. University of Lusaka

The University of Lusaka School of Law is one of the leading and innovative Law schools in Zambia and its major aims are to provide quality education tailor-made to suit the demands of the market and to give its students an education that prepares them for successful careers in legal practice and work in various sectors of society at the national, regional and international level. For more information on admissions, visit


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