How to Get a UK Marriage Visa and Travel Abroad

This article provides guidance on contacting and messaging British women and men who are ready to settle down, ensuring secure housing in the UK before relocating, and identifying suitable places to meet these individuals. Please, carefully read the article so you can get to know how to get started.

The Great Britain or the UK is a prosperous nation with a rich history and culture, is known for its beautiful women and handsome rich men. The UK Marriage Visa is a quick and easy way to relocate and attain permanent residency in the UK.

Getting a marriage or spouse visa in UK has it’s own requirement and you must meet these requirements fbefore you are considered.

You can also get a UK Visa Sponsorship from your employers and this can only be done when you are successfully employed to work in the organisation. Click here to see Top High paying Jobs abroad and how to get a Visa Sponsorship.

What is UK Marriage Visa?

A UK marriage visa, also known as a spouse visa, permits UK citizens’ spouses to immigrate to the UK as they are married to a UK resident, who has no immigration restrictions on their stay in the UK. You can get a marriage visa married to Bristish Woman or Man from any other countries of the world.

UK Visa Requirements

To qualify for a UK spouse / marriage visa you must satisfy the following requirements:

• Both spouses must be 18 years old or over.
• Both must have met and been legally married to prevent arranged marriages.
• Both spouses must intend to live permanently together.
• The sponsoring partner must earn over £18,600 per year or have sufficient savings to sponsor the spouse.
• The accommodation must be suitable for the spouse and any dependents.
• The English language requirements must be met.


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Who Can Apply for UK Marriage Visa

Below are the categories of person that can apply for a UK Marriage Visa:

• Foreign nationals can apply for UK spouse visa if partner is UK-based.
• Must be a British or Irish citizen.
• Must have settled in UK with ILR, permanent residence, or EU Settled Status.
• Must have refugee status or humanitarian protection in UK.

How to Meet and Chat British Women or Men for Marriage

Online platforms has made meeting British women and men easier than ever. Here are top platforms for signing up and meeting them from your phone, potentially finding your soulmate.

UK Platform you can meet British Women and Men

• Eharmony: free platform for chatting with British women. You can sign up on the platform for free and chat up with the avaialable people on the platform.

• Offers a comprehensive profile and criteria search. Users can use “zen mode” to be contacted only by those meeting their criteria.

• Plenty Of Fish: Popular among 800,000 UK users daily. You can also get to meet your spouse on this platform and you can get into something that serious.

• AskMe4date: Helps find top UK women and men that are ready to get married.

• SilverSingles: Comprehensive personality test for a perfect match. You would get a perfect match on this platform and you can get to something serious.

• Popular international site with thousands of British women. This place is another platform that can help you get that person you want. Just sign up on the platform and meet people on the platform.

• Post-matching, marriage can be arranged through court processes, video calls, or a visitors visa.

UK Marriage Visa Application Process

Below are the steps you must take before applying for a marriage visa:

• Check eligibility for a partner and spouse visa online.
• Prepare necessary documents.
• Complete the online application form.
• Pay the application fee.
• Upload required documents.
• Arrange a biometric appointment.
• Attend an interview if invited.
• SilverSingles: Complete a comprehensive personality test.
• Create an account and profile.
• After finding a match, get married through court processes, video calls, or a visitors visa.
• Apply for the UK marriage visa from home or in the UK.

Available Hotels in the UK to Make a Room Reservation

Below are some of the popular hotels in UK that is open for reservations. You can visit their websites to see the rooms they have and the rates they charge.

Hotel Endsleigh, Devon

Hotel Endsleigh emerges as a sanctuary of tranquility, with a serene atmosphere enhanced by period decor and the warm glow of open fires and candlelight.

Address: Hotel Endsleigh, Milton Abbot, Tavistock PL19 0PQ, United Kingdom

Middleton Lodge, Yorkshire

Brought back to life by the Allison family, Middleton Lodge is a 200-acre privately owned estate located near Richmond, North Yorkshire. Elegant and enchanting, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing countryside escape, and somewhere to taste the seasons at sustainability-conscious restaurants

Address: Kneeton Ln, Middleton Tyas, Richmond DL10 6NJ, United Kingdom

The Idle Rocks, Cornwall

The Idle Rocks in St Mawes offers 18 bedrooms with stunning views of the harbour and Falmouth. Each room is thoughtfully designed with unique fabrics and decor. The south-facing terrace offers relaxation and dining, while the restaurant, led by Head Chef Matthew Haggath, celebrates Cornwall with locally sourced produce.

Address: Harbourside, Tredenham Rd, St Mawes, Truro TR2 5AN, United Kingdom

Where to Book for UK Accommodation Reservation 

You can book accomodation online on any of the websites below:; you can buy and accomodation or reserve a room on this platform

FAQs About UK Marriage Visa

How do I apply for a spouse visa?

A spouse visa can be applied from overseas or within the UK, and if you have a valid fiance, work, or student visa in the UK for over six months, you can switch into a spouse visa.

How long does the application take?

The UKBA typically takes 2-12 weeks to process a spouse visa application, with processing times varying depending on the country of application submission.

How long does a Spouse Visa last?

A spouse visa issued from overseas is initially granted for 33 months, while a visa issued within the UK is for 30 months.

Can I extend my Spouse Visa?

An extension of 30 months can extend the total time in the UK on this visa up to five years. After this, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) if you are married, living in the UK with your spouse, and meet maintenance requirements. After obtaining ILR, you may apply for naturalisation as a British citizen.

Spouse Visa entry clearance

To enter the UK based on a relationship with a UK national, you must apply for entry clearance before arrival. If applying from within the UK, you must have a valid six-month visa. Switching to a spouse visa is not possible if you were initially admitted as a visitor or prospective student, and you are already in the UK.

English language requirements for partners

A spouse visa applicant must demonstrate proficiency in English if they are a national of a country outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland, in a relationship with a British citizen or UK resident, and intend to immigrate as their spouse. If they are not a majority English-speaking country or have no English-taught degree, they must pass an English language test from an approved provider. If applying from overseas, an approved test can be arranged in their home country. For more information, contact the visa application team.

Spouse Visa dependants

Children under 18 can enter the UK as dependants, and their application should be made alongside their spouse visa application. The sponsoring spouse must provide a specified income level, which varies based on the number of dependant children being sponsored.

What if your relationship ends?

UK Marriage Endings and Cancellation Process

• If a relationship ends during a probationary period, the UKBA should be notified.
• The contact is the Evidence and Enquiry Unit at Lunch House, 40 Wellesley Road, Chelsea, Surrey, CR9 2BY.
• The partner’s full name, date of birth, and entry clearance or UKBA reference number should be included.
• The UKBA will decide if to cancel the former partner’s UK stay permission.
• Cancellation may not occur if the stay basis has changed.


The UK marriage visa offers a direct path to permanent residency, allowing couples to build a life together in the UK. Once found on a dating platform, meet eligibility requirements and apply. Stay informed, patient, and prepared for challenges and opportunities. Apply through this page and receive assistance. Protection Status