How To Buy ZESA Token Using CABS Mobile Banking

How To Buy ZESA Token Using CABS Mobile Banking

Do you know you can buy your ZESA token using CABS Mobile Banking? It’s very simple to do that. With CABS, You can buy tokens any day, anytime and from anywhere using your cellphone.

How To Buy ZESA Token Using CABS Mobile Banking

  1. Dial *227#
  2. Select Bill Payments
  3. Select Bill Provider
  4. Select ZESA PREPAID
  5. Select 1 to Purchase Token. If buying for another person select OTHER and enter the recipient’s mobile number.
  6. Enter the meter number you are purchasing for.
  7. Enter the amount you wish to pay (minimum $10, maximum $999.99)
  8. A customer verification screen will come up showing the details of the meter.
  9. Confirm by pressing OK or Cancel if the meter details are not correct
  10. An SMS notification will be sent to your mobile containing the Zesa pre-paid token number.

Important – please note:

If the purchase takes longer than 60 seconds the transaction will “time out” and a “Service Unavailable” message will appear. This is a message from the mobile network operator and does not necessarily mean that the transaction has failed.

Please wait for one minute to see if you receive a confirmation SMS to say your transaction was successful.

If you do not receive a confirmation SMS after one minute then perform a Retrieve Last Token transaction (see below) to get your voucher number.

Retrieve Last Tokens (Voucher Query) – Procedure:

If the customer fails to receive an SMS with the token number, they can select retrieve last token option on the mobile menu. A copy of the token number will be displayed back to customer on their screen.

  1. Dial *227#
  2. Enter PIN
  3. Select Bill Payments
  4. Select ZESA PREPAID
  5. Select 2. Retrieve Last Token
  6. Enter the meter number
  7. A list of the last 4 (four) most recent tokens purchased will appear and the customer can select the appropriate one.
  8. An SMS Notification with the token number will then be sent to their mobile phone. Protection Status