Consultant SBCC Job at Ipas Africa

Consultant SBCC Job at Ipas Africa… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Ipas Africa.


Based in Nairobi, Kenya, the Ipas Africa Alliance for Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights works to reduce maternal deaths from unsafe abortion; to expand the availability of high-quality comprehensive abortion care; and to advocate for policies that advance women’s reproductive health and rights across the continent.


  • Review documents, secondary data including previous formative research and media analyses, and existing SBCC strategies and materials – 3 days
  • Assess SBCC methods and approaches currently used at Ipas/implementation of the shifting gears framework in Ipas programs, existing gaps through holding consultation sessions with Ipas staff, champions, community members, CSOs and other partners. Findings to inform final design of the strategy. 3 days
  • Analyze the assessment and prepare report – 1 day
  • Develop an SBCC Strategy in consultation with Alliance staff, partners, and other key stakeholders including program participants 10 days
  • Pretest and pilot materials developed with key stakeholders and target audience recording the feedback for incorporation into the final strategy – 5 days
  • Write Communication Plan outlining message themes and/or specific wording of messages, primary and secondary audiences, recommended communication channels and media, and roles and responsibilities for implementation. 1 days
  • Conduct an orientation training of trainers on the newly developed SBCC strategy to Ipas staff, champions, and community members 2 days
  • Write/Develop M & E Plan setting benchmarks for success of the SBCC strategy, for example message coverage, uptake of key behaviors and services, appropriate use of services and products. The strategy should recommend specific methodologies and tools that can be integrated into existing project M & E system and roles and responsibilities for implementing M & E for SBCC Strategy- 2 days
  • Write brief reports for each trip to the field outlining activities completed and stakeholders who participated in the process of development. 1 days
  • Write brief reports for each trip to the field outlining activities completed and stakeholders who participated in the process of development- 1 days.

Required Skills And Qualifications

  • Previous experience developing project/program-level SBCC Strategies
  • Theory driven approach to SBCC
  • Previous experience in the region
  • Previous experience with the technical content
  • Ability to use secondary data to conduct a specific contextual analysis and identify gaps that need to be filled in order to develop an SBC strategy.
  • Familiarity with and ability to adapt pre-testing and communication planning tools
  • Familiarity with and ability to adapt M & E tools and methodologies for gauging the effectiveness of SBC Strategies
  • Qualitative/participatory research and analysis skills. Past experience with using research data to target messages to different primary and secondary audiences through appropriate media and channels
  • Collaborative working style
  • Ability to produce deliverables in a results-oriented, time-sensitive environment
  • Excellent communication, writing, and organizational skills Protection Status