PHP Developer Job at Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Limited

PHP Developer Job at Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Limited… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Limited.


Boxleo is a revolutionary in the industry by providing what customers want, at reasonable prices and unprecedented speed of delivery.


  • Using Laravel for designing and creating web apps and services
  • Discussing the aims of the project with our team of professionals.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting issues
  • Sharing ideas and working on completing projects with the entire management team
  • Working towards the smooth, effortless running of integrations
  • Implementing client feedback to scale projects
  • Ensuring web apps are maintained
  • Implementing relevant security measures according to the required standard
  • Building PHP modules that are efficient
  • Writing modular codes that are secure
  • Testing PHP modules
  • Contributing to database maintenance
  • Contributing to database design

Requirements and qualifications:

Successful candidates will meet the following requirements and have qualifications similar to the following:

  • A computer science or programming degree (or a degree in a similar field)
  • Extensive experience with the PHP scripting language
  • Expertise in HTML mark-up language
  • Proficiency in the JavaScript programming language
  • Unit testing performance abilities
  • A complete portfolio that shows the applications you have worked on
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Sharp problem-solving abilities
  • Critical thinking abilities and the ability to analyze problems and create solutions
  • Creative skills to come up with workarounds
  • Knowledge and experience with MVC architecture
  • SQL knowledge and understanding of database design
  • Knowledge of unit testing software
  • Experience with query languages for NoSQL or SQL databases
  • Knowledge of cloud servers, such as Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode, etc.

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