Head of Department – Sports at SABIS International School

Head of Department – Sports at SABIS International School… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at SABIS International School.


SABIS is a global education network that has an active presence in 20 countries on five continents. Schools in the SABIS® Network educate over 70,000 students and implement a proven, proprietary system. SABIS® Network schools provide students with a top-quality education that prepares them to meet the challenges of a changing world.


  • Arrange all aspects of teaching and coaching of P.E. and other sports.
  • Ensure that the quality of learning taking place in the sports facilities (field, track, pitch, etc.) is of the highest standard.
  • Arrange all fixtures with other schools to allow students to participate and develop their talents as well as promote the school.
  • Ensure that all fixtures, sports events, etc. are entered into the school calendar in advance and that all parties know the role they will play.
  • Communicate with the Facilities Manager, the Transport Coordinator, and the Student Management Coordinator to ensure that the facilities are prepared in advance, transport is arranged, and supervision is done, where needed.
  • Oversee the selection of teams and ensure that the process is fair and transparent.
  • Ensure that, before any competitions, students are well versed in the values of sportsmanship, appropriately dressed, and well-behaved.
  • Teach in accordance with the educational need, assess, record, and report on the progress of the students.
  • Liaise with the School Director when required for the appointment of teachers and coaches, and ensure that the staff in the department are well trained, re-trained, and well inducted into the system.
  • Ensure that the staff in the department are up to date on all child protection policies.
  • Be responsible for all sports equipment and storage, and plan for ordering all resources in consultation with the School Director and Procurement Manager.
  • Organize special sports awards to acknowledge student accomplishments.
  • Build a passion for sports by organizing inter-house competitions and encouraging the participation of students, staff, and parents.

Ideal Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Sports Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education / Sports Management / Exercise Science or equivalent.
  • English proficient
  • MS Office as needed
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work within and lead a team
  • Networking skills
  • Problem-solving skills


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Application Deadline: 30th September 2022.

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