ICT Programming Internship Job at International Livestock Research

ICT Programming Internship Job at International Livestock Research…See Details on how to apply for the job vacancy available at International Livestock Research.

The International Livestock Research Institute is an international agricultural research institute based in Nairobi, Kenya, and founded in 1994 by the merging of the International Livestock Centre for Africa and the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases.

  • ICT Programming Internship 
  • Understand the architecture of the ADGG Platform database.
  • Understand existing tools used for data capture and assist in developing modules that extend the scope of the current tools.
  • Understand and the processing of data into the ADGG database, and contribute to improving efficiency in scripting requisite processes.
  • Understand the data storage and extraction processes and contribute to developing shortcuts for specific extraction processes.
  • Provide inputs in the visualization of data from the database.
  • The ideal candidate should be in their final year of studies undertaking either a BSc or Diploma program from one of the national universities/ technical training institutions that provides training in computer programming.
  • Training in working with relational database servers e.g. MySQL or Oracle.
  • Some knowledge and experience of C++ or Java language.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply.


Application Deadline:18th March 2021.