Corporation Secretary at Kenya Airports Authority

Corporation Secretary at Kenya Airports Authority….See Details on how to apply for the vacancies available at Kenya Airports Authority.


The Kenya Airports Authority is an autonomous body established in 1991 through an Act of Parliament and is charged with an umbrella responsibility of providing and managing a coordinated system of airports in the country. Prior to its formation, the former erstwhile Aerodromes Department under the Ministry of Transport and Communication handled this responsibility. Erstwhile was in charge of then Nairobi’s Old Embakasi Airport which was constructed in the mid-1950 to serve the first generation Boeing 707/DC8 aircraft; Nairobi Embakasi Airport was opened in May 1958, by the last colonial Governor of Kenya, Sir Evelyn Baring, although the airport was due to be opened by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother was delayed in Australia and could not make the ceremony. Nairobi Embakasi Airport was then closed on March 14, 1978 and paved way to the current Jomo Kenyattta International Airport. Contrary to beliefs, Nairobi Airport was not the 1st airport in Kenya. Wilson Airport, which is one of the regions busiest domestic aerodrome traces its roots back to to the 1st World War.


Job Summary

  1. Bachelor of Law Degree from a recognized institution; A Master’s Degree will be an added advantage;
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Law from Kenya School of Law;
  3. Minimum of twelve (12) years relevant working experience with at least 4 years in senior management/ leadership position;
  4. Be admitted to the Roll as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya;
  5. Be Certified Public Secretary, Kenya (CPSK) or its equivalent;
  6. Member of the Law Society of Kenya and Institute of Certified Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK);
  7. Valid Practicing Certificates;
  8. Good communication and interpersonal skills; and
  9. Fulfill l the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.


  1. Dealing with correspondence, collating information and writing reports, ensuring Board decisions are communicated to Management and stakeholders.
  2. Providing administrative support and guidance to the Board on the management of the Corporation including compliance with legal and statutory requirements.
  3. Ensuring that the minutes of the Board and Board Committees are promptly prepared and circulated.
  4. Assisting the Chairperson of the Board in organizing activities, including providing information, preparing agenda, issuing notices and preparing for meetings and board development programs.
  5. Providing secretarial services to the Board including ensuring that the Board work plan is prepared and adhered to, circulating Board papers in advance of the meeting, keeping a record of attendance at meetings, keeping safe custody of the seal and a record of its usage, custodian of Board documents such as, Board minute books, Board policy documents, Register of attendance and preparing the Board for Annual General Meetings where applicable.
  6. Contributing to Board discussions as and when required and advises Directors on the legal and governance policy frameworks.
  7. Negotiating and reviewing contracts, agreements, leases and concessions, consultation with other Departments to ensure that the Corporation’s interests are protected.
  8. Ensuring that the Corporation complies with the Operational regulatory framework by liaising with the Government, regulatory bodies and international organizations such as ICAO, IATA and ACI.
  9. Ensuring ownership rights of all KAA assets and registration of title to all KAA properties, together with safe custody thereof.
  10. Carrying out legal audit on operations of the Authority including due diligence in order to recommend improvement, feedback and compliance.
  11. Assisting the Board in carrying out the following:
    • Board induction and training;
    • Updating the Board and Committee charters;
    • Preparation of Board work plans;
    • Board evaluation;
    • Governance audit; and
    • Implementation of the code of conduct and ethics.
  12. Maintaining and updating the register of conflicts of interest.
  13. Ensuring that Board members are aware of all relevant laws affecting the organization.
  14. Ensuring that annual returns are promptly filed with the relevant authorities.
  15. Except in exceptional circumstances, ensuring that the Board and Committee papers are circulated in advance of any meeting.
  16. Advising on legal matters and managing the litigation function of the Authority.
  17. Initiating development of legal strategies for management of disputes.



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Closing Date : 15th February, 2021